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STONE Wussie Pilsner

Stone Brewing Co. has announced an encore edition of Stone 6th Anniversary Porter, but perhaps bigger news is that the brewery is making the beer it said it never would, a Wussie Pilsner. Stone and co-founder Greg Koch have made a career defying so-called “wussy yellow fizzy water lagers,” despite opening a brewery in Germany. The new, not-officially-announced-yet “Wussie” pilsner will be part of the Arrogant Bastard line, a brand that no longer even bears Stone Brewing’s mark, as if to distance the beer from Stone’s other products. And it’s even in cans, no less


The newest release from OddSide Ales does not really care if you drink it or not.

According to a representative of the Grand Haven, Mich.-based brewery, it will be releasing Nihilist, a 10 percent ABV double IPA aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels for six months with the tag line, “The beer cares about nothing.”

Nihilist is the same beer as The Nihilist, a 10 percent ABV draft-only option released last year that was based on El Dankerino, a 10 percent ABV “West Coast Style” double IPA also released in 2014.

HOBNOB Cabernet

Hobnob Cabernet Sauvignon is a trendy French red wine and is very well known.  Hobnob’s wines come from the Languedoc region of France which produces over a third of the grapes in the country.

Hobnob wines can be found in most package stores and is a popular wine in many restaurants.

It’s an easy open wine with a twist top.

Alcohol content of Hobnob Cabernet Sauvignon is 13.0% by volume, per the bottle.

Price for Hobnob Cabernet Sauvignon about $9.99 per bottle, but prices range widely depending on where you shop for your wine.